Apply as a Team to Wattpad Labs 

Ready to get started? Make sure you read the below eligibility requirements and understand the application process before getting started! 


Eligibility Criteria

You must...

  • Have an innovative storytelling product concept that fits with Wattpad’s vision to “entertain and connect the world through stories.” We are looking for a product that will change the future of storytelling!
  • Apply as a team of 2-3 individuals.
  • Have team members able to commit to the program full-time for the 3 month duration, and work out of the Wattpad office in Toronto. If the product graduates from the program, the goal would be to have the team members stay on and lead this new business within Wattpad.
  • Have an early stage concept*, with no prior external funding.
  • Own 100% of your IP and no other 3rd party has claim to your IP.
  • Submit the application form in full.

* If your company is past early stages (or do not meet all the eligibility criteria above) but have an interest in working with Wattpad, please contact us separately at 

Application Process

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by our selection team as they are received. Spots are limited and we encourage you to submit your application as early as you can. 
There are two major components to the application: the Team, and the Product.
The Team
Applicants must apply as a team of 2-3 individuals. A crucial part of a new product’s success rests on the founding team. Strong teams are built with with individuals that have complementary skill sets, have great working dynamics, and share core philosophies. An ideal  team, when combined, brings varied skillsets (e.g. strategy, product, engineering, design, marketing, content, sales/business development) and shared passion needed to build a successful storytelling product. In addition, and more importantly, the team must be able to think like founders - getting your hands dirty in many different areas, filling in the gaps, and learning on the fly. We require that all team members have previous entrepreneurial experience building startups as a founder or co-founder. 
Team Submission

  • For each team member, submit the following:
    • Resume and LinkedIn Profile
    • Why you are a good fit for this program
    • Short paragraph on a significant accomplishment
    • Description of a startup you were a founder or co-founder of and what you learned from the experience
  • How long have the team members known one another and how did you meet? If applicable, please also include brief information about any other startups/projects the team has executed together in the past.
  • Why do you think your team combination is a good fit for this program?


The Product
Teams are to submit a proposal outlining the product concept you want to bring to the Wattpad Labs program. Your product or concept must fit with Wattpad’s vision of “entertaining and connecting the world through stories”. 
Product Submissions

  • Information on your product concept
  • How do you think being a part of Wattpad will help your product succeed?

All applications will be reviewed by our selection team and applicants that meet the criteria and outline promising concepts will be invited to connect with the leaders of Wattpad Labs directly to discuss the opportunity of doing the two week trial. 

Only teams that are selected to move forward to the pitch stage will be contacted.


online worksheet

If you would like, you may create a copy of this worksheet to use in helping prepare your answers for our online application form. 


Application Form