Selection Team

The Wattpad Labs selection team is made up of veteran startup leaders, emerging product strategists, designers, and engineers. Find out more about who they are below.


Allen Lau


Wattpad Co-founder and CEO Allen Lau leads the company’s efforts to transform how people discover, create, and engage with stories across multiple platforms, including the top-rated Wattpad app. 
A leader in the local startup ecosystem, Allen is a member of the Canadian Council of Innovators, a lobby group that advances the interests of Canadian technology companies startups at all levels of government. Allen is also the co-founder of Two Small Fish Ventures, a fund that invests in Toronto and Waterloo-based early stage internet companies with strong network effects.

Prior to Wattpad, Allen co-founded FeedM8, a mobile advertising company that was later acquired. Previously, he co-founded Tira Wireless where he helped leading brands optimize content for mobile delivery.


Ivan Yuen


As Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Wattpad, Ivan Yuen ensures the company’s technical strategy aligns with business objectives. Prior to Wattpad, Ivan co-founded FeedM8 and served as the company’s CTO. Before that he was one of the first employees of Tira Wireless, where he helped grow the technical team and developed new and emerging wireless technologies.


Seema Lakhani 

Head of Wattpad Labs and Head of Product

As Head of Wattpad Labs, Seema is responsible for driving storytelling innovation through programs that support high growth new products within Wattpad. Seema also leads the product management team at Wattpad building a practice of strong product thinking to focus on solving the right user and business problems.

In addition to her product management background, Seema previously lead the corporate development team at Torstar Digital, assessing and investing in new disruptive businesses in the consumer internet space, as well as supporting the Toronto innovation ecosystem and startups at MaRS Discovery District. 


Andrew Chak

Head of design

As Head of Design, Andrew is responsible for enabling stories to be created and told in the most captivating way to Wattpad’s global audience. Andrew leads the design and research practice to ensure a clear understanding as to why and how users consume narrative to inform how to create compelling storytelling experiences.
Andrew has previously lead user experience design for Rogers, TD, and Klick Health and he loves to spend his days debating the critical points of a problem statement, observing users to notice the things that they don’t say, and creating those moments that will be the best parts of someone’s day.


Nino D'Aversa

Head of Engineering and Data

As Head of Engineering and Data, Nino is responsible for building the Engineering organization and steering the direction of the Wattpad technology platform. He is responsible for managing engineering costs, reliability and development -- and more importantly, helping support and grow the people that make it all possible. Building a world class team at Wattpad has been the highlight of Nino’s career.
Nino has previously held roles at Polar, Blackberry, and Mozilla. He is particularly interested in well-designed, well-executed technology, and how they work together to allow storytellers to create personal connections that positively impact people's lives.